Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Tues - Just idling today

Still recuperating from the sofa exorcism on Sunday. I should have gotten DakotR cleaned up by now but still doing light work... like opening and sorting paperwork and bills. Lots of backlogged stuff there.

I made up a couple of bank deposits from checks I found in unopened mail and dropped them into the night depository. I really hate to have to go into a bank (or credit union) and deal with tellers if I can avoid it. Maybe it's something about the fact that I always seem to be taking money in and not bringing anything out but a receipt. Just rubs me the wrong way. The night depository gets it in there, fairly invisibly, so I don't really see it leave my hands.

But, I LOVE ATMs. There, I stick in a piece of plastic, which I get back (most of the time), and I not only get a receipt but I get real money to walk away with in my hand.... Now that is a real joy!

But I digress.. I did finish opening all of the unopened mail (whoopee!) and the kitchen table is now out of service until I get it all put away... somewhere. This is one thing about living in 400 sq feet... there is no "tuck" room. If I have something in my hand it has to have a place to go or go out... no other choices are available. I know that over the years a have seen a lot of RVers with a small enclosed trailer behind and the fun side of me always believed it was their "toys".

Now, I am not so sure. I suspect it was "the annex" for all the stuff that had no place to go inside the RV. So far, I have no annex but I am becoming more creative at creating virtual space inside, slowly soaking up the spaces right below shelves but above what is on the shelf below and finding unused narrow spaces between things that I never really noticed before. I am sure glad I have about 5,000 lbs of carrying capacity in DakotR. As of my last weigh-in, I am still about 1500 lbs shy of that GVWR so I am cautious but not concerned... yet.

On New years Eve (tomorrow) #2 son, Emery, has offered to help me trench in a 220 Volt underground line to the Garage so I can get a more permanent RV hookup installed. Also we will be burying a frost proof garden valve and a 3/4" waterline will be run from the house. The sewer has been in for several years so getting these two items underground will make it a lot easier when we are "docked" here at the house for visits until we sell it. Right now, it is still being rented.

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