Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Earlier today, I responded to all of those people in my life that wished me well on my 72nd birthday. I had accepted that the day was coming to a close and I was soaking in the warm conviviality of the day's gracious kindnesses. I was wanting for nothing and psyching myself up to go to the 7:30pm 3D showing of StarWars. The phone rang and It was Smith Nash calling to wish me a happy birthday as he always does. Our chat was nice with some family updates thrown in and as we were wrapping up, my tablet started ringing with another Google Hangout (I rarely make or receive calls any other way, anymore).
It was Emery Nash IIIChristi Nash, and Logan Nash on a 3 way hangout with Randy Nash and Shawna L. Nash. Through the confusion of me with a phone in one hand and a tablet in the other I tried to join Smith to the hangout and Katie (the dog) started barking. Good way to end a great day... with pure family cacophony..... Smith was in one ear, Randy, Emeryiii et al was in the other, Merrily was trying to take the tablet away from me, and Katie was providing a raucous sound track to underscore it all.
.... Then, in walks Emeryiii, Christi and Logan!!!!!!!! (sorry, just not enough !!!!!!! to adequately describe it all).
Merrily was somewhere between having a religious experience and falling out of the RV door and I was just trying to figure out how I was still talking to Emeryiii and Randy on the phone... er... tablet.. er.. something in my hand but there they were right in my doorway!!!!!! still not enough !!!!!!!!.
It was awhile before I eyeballs settled back into their proper orbs. It was also awhile before I could stop hugging my children. Somewhere in there, the phone... er.. tablet.. whatever, was hung up and my awareness caught up to reality. THEY ARE HERE! THEY ARE HERE! THEY ARE HERE!!!!!!!!
I am certain that I would not have been as moved if it had been publishers clearing house at the door. Absolutely certain!
Thank you, Thank you all, Thank you everyone for such a day!