Monday, December 29, 2008

Getting Ducks in a row is not easy

The most important item today is that it is #2 son's 27th birthday!

Happy Birthday, Emery!!!!

Today is also the first day back to work for Merrily after Christmas break.. Who would have thought that just 4 days away (two, actually) would make such a big impression? Now that we are committed to the road this year, a 4 day weekend is a really big deal. It gives us 4 days together to plan, think, procrastinate then think again and in general, focus on how much our life is now changing.

As for me, I am just tired and sore. Yesterday, #1 son came over and we took the sofa bed out of DakotR and put it in his house. Putting it into his house was the easy part. Getting it out of DakotR was the challenge.

We first tried the doorway but no amount of pushing, twisting or holding my tongue just right would quite get it through the doorway. The next approach (which someone mentioned on the escapees forums ) was to try the big emergency window in the living room.

The measurements said it would work easily but the 10' drop to the ground outside the window made it too dicey to try.... so back to the main door.

Only 2500 screws later, the frame was out of the opening and the sofa squeaked through with molecules to spare.... but it went through.... Oh, did I mention that we took the whole steel mechanism out of it to lighten it up... a lot? Worth the trouble for sure.

Today, I had a followup appointment with my endocrinologist to see if we could find a better approach (read that as: effective approach) to better manage my glucose and Blood Pressure. I am not a stroke waiting to happen but I am 65 in a couple of weeks and I don't believe in baiting the bear.

This about wraps up my medical preparations and baselines for future reference. Merrily just finished hers this morning with flying colors so that is one more item of concern off of our "but what if" list.

Tomorrow is all trash day around here so I need to offload our weekly collection of trash and newpapers into the street cans for the morning pickup. TTFN

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