Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!!!! Wahoo!!!!!!

What else can one say, today? Its a tradition just like over eating on Thanksgiving, Christmas and New years day and if one does not do it I am certain that the bad luck fairies will make me pay the rest of the year.

Last night was very nice, though Merrily was a little uncomfortable with some bug she is fighting. We were invited to celebrate with 3 different families but chose to stay tucked into DakotR rather than go out and test Murphy's law on the roads on New Year's eve.

The night did start with a nice but early dinner at Lonestar, except for the choking tobacco smoke from someone over in the smoking section or the bar. Never could tell exactly where it was originating.

We split a good Margarita and had very good and lean San Antonio 8oz steaks with a lettuce wedge covered in blue cheese crumbles and Italian and blue cheese dressings on the side. It jumpstarted the evening nicely.

Back at home, we caught up on a few TiVOd shows and then caught the last 5 minutes of Carson Daly's New Years celebration... that was enough of that. Bedtime then followed immediately.

I guess this is what happens when one chooses to have New Year's at home, alone. To be honest, Merrily makes each day a new experience for me so the common New Year's eve just pales by comparison and holds only slight interest for me.

Still, tradition dictates that I sincerely wish all that read this a very Happy New Year. I know it will be so for us.

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