Friday, December 26, 2008

The day after-Math

The day after Christmas has always been so hectic. So much to do... so little time left in the year to get it done. Boy! Now I kinda wish it was only September....

But not this year. For some reason we cruised into Christmas well prepared and on time. It was surprisingly nice not to be hosting Christmas day for the first time in our 30 years of marriage... We left that up to the "kids".

Between invites by 2 of our kids and an inlaw invitation for Christmas evening with their family (and its a lot of them), we only had to be sure we didn't overlap too much. Boy was it a surprise and a delight to have had the benefit of family for a day and not have to do all the prep and cleanup.

Not that its ever been a resented chore to hold Christmas court at our house.. its just nice to still have the day without the chores.

Ok, so now what's next?.... Its time for the Charge of the Lite Brigade. January begins our assault on our abundance.... actually, more like superabundance but this time, the weight is coming off and the rest of our lives will be slim and trim. That's a fact.

We have decided for this phase to focus on Atkins and not get confused by all of the spinoffs of the basic principals. We have both had successes on this system and know it will work for each of us so we can engage together and helpfully support each other. High goals, I know, but this time the rest of our life together is riding on it working and its hard to find much better motivation than that.

My Christmas gift to Merrily (besides the new kitchen sink and faucet) is starting sessions at Fred Astaire. We have played with the idea of taking dance lessons (old fogey style, of course) for years but have never gotten started. So, now its a commitment. Did Dancing with the Stars have much to do with it? Sure, but the time has come. Now that we are hitting the road in 2009, we need better social skills and an opportunities and couple's dancing has been on the back burner for a lot of years so Here we go!!!!

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