Sunday, December 28, 2008

After the Aftermath

The end of this year is also marking the end of some others, too. It is good that we had such a wonderful and fulfilled Christmas because we are now in need of some fond memories to deal with reality.

The first to go was my daughter's Mother-in-Law. Around midnight (depending on time zones) she crossed over after being non-responsive for several days. She has been seriously impaired for quite a few months so the event was not unexpected.

On 12/19 My wife's sister had a stroke and has been declining ever since. At present, she has lost the use of her right hand and general tone of her whole right side is slipping. We are still waiting on test results to see what are the next steps.

We are just peddling along right now waiting to see how far this goes and what the outcomes are.

As for Merrily and Me, this is a downer but not an "out-er" for our plans... at least not yet. We certainly have our work cut out for our patience rock....

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