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Volvo VNL64T770 - 2000 autoshift 10 speed for Sale

This truck was a US Express truck for its first 500k miles. They do good maintenance. It went to Arrow leasing for sale after that.   An Owner-Operator in Arkansas bought it and did the necessary and likely maintenance it needed while he had it.  He had medical problems that forced him out of driving and I bought it from him in November 2004 with 562,000 miles on it. 

In 2009-2010, I designed a special transport bed for the truck to load and carry a Smart car. The intent was to make it able to load and/or unload to either side of the truck. Up to that point the few trucks that had been converted to carry Smart Cars were a single-sided load/unload design and almost all of them were designed only to winch the car up onto/off of the bed. My original design was to allow for a pretty flatbed when not carrying the Smart Car so it could be used to haul typical DIY loads on it.

I did not want any flailing alligators coming off of the tires and destroying anything above deck so I had strong steel fenders built into the bed for protection.  Also, because I usually did much of the maintenance work on the truck I wanted to be able to access everything that was below the bed without having to have a forklift or a pit to do the work so I built it with a treated wood decking that can easily be removed in areas where necessary. Steel straps old the ends of the boards down and can be easily removed by removing 3 bolts on each strap. I intended to use white oak but it was not available at the time this was built where I was located.

Pictures of the Volvo                      <<<  LINK 

Overview of this Volvo's of History and specs :

2000 Volvo VNL64T770
Detroit Diesel 12l 375/410
Eaton Autoshift 10 speed
Eaton Vorad Collision Warning system
6 way National Air ride seats
Dinette / Bunk
2 - 120 gal Fuel tanks
565k miles

Work performed:

  • 560k miles
  • Overhead ran at 500k
  • New alternator at 510k
  • New turbo at 520k
  • 3 axel alignment at 555k
  • Brakes at 560k.
  • New windshield at 560k.
  • Air ride with air ride cab.

Detail Specs:

VIN 4V4ND3RH1YN243310
Date of Mfr: Nov 1999
By Who
DD S60   430/470 @21




Rear Axle
Meritor RT40-14
AVA 99328891
Rear Axle
Meritor  R 3.580
Front Axle
Red #SW53553

42086 S/W

The original listing for this truck when I bought it:

2000 VOLVO VNL64T770
2000 VOLVO VNL64T770
60 SERIES Detroit 470 HP
Engine Brake (3 level Jake)
4 Bag Air Ride Suspension
223" WB
77" Sleeper
22.5LP Tires
Aluminum/Steel Wheels
Tandem Axle
560551 miles

Previous owner's statement: 

"This is the best truck I have ever owned.
This truck is ready to work. Was on lease to cc southern I had to
Retire due to health problems."

Work performed:
  • 560k miles
  • Overhead ran at 500k
  • New alternator at 510k
  • New turbo at 520k
  • 3 axel alignment at 555k
  • Brakes at 560k.
  • New windshield at 560k.
  • Air ride with air ride cab.

  • 6 aluminum wheels outside. 4 steel inside.
  • Low pro 22/5.
  • Smart seat both sides.
  • Sky lite in top.
  • Heated power mirrors.
  • Has curtains for all 4 sleeper Windows.
  • Curtains for windshield and to divide the sleeper from the cab.
  • Double bunk bottom bunk turns into the work station. Like a small booth, with lots of extra storage
  • Am/fm cassette with a booster.
  • Driver side airbag.
  • 2 125 gal fuel tanks.
  • Lots Of extra storage above the windshield and behind the seats
  • It also has Eaton fuller VORAD Radar vehicle monitoring and alarm system on the front, And the right side.
  • Has extra long slide on fifth wheel, with slave cylinder On trailer pull.
  • Has load lock holder on the back of cab for 4 load locks.
$35,000 price I paid in 2004 at mileage 562,000.

Here is the current Odometer showing original miles

Title #
2000 Volvo VNL64T770

Here is the last oil sample report I have had done:

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