Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Aha! They are moved!

Merrily’s brother and wife have been trying to get downsized from a rental house to a more affordable (and more convenient) apartment.  With ongoing struggles with neuropathy and the big “C”,  they have both needed a level playing field. Unfortunately, these struggles have also limited their individual physical abilities to actually “do the moving”. 

A bad fall and a broken arm has made even just packing up boxes pretty impossible for Bette.  We have been “supplementing” their manual skills for the past several weeks and they are now moved in at their new diggs.  Settled in???  Not quite but the boxes are slowly disappearing so it should not be too much longer before they will be.

As for other stuff of the day…  The 8” convex mirrors mounted on Clifford’s fenders have long been frozen in a poorly adjusted position and are not repairable so I bought 2 replacements from TA for about $13@.  Merrily and I depend on those a lot and neither one was aiming much where we needed to see.

I still need to fix the kitchen slide out.  The tree that the tornado 2 years ago knocked down on it did no obvious damage but now it appears that it punched the support roller up into the floor. This causes the slide to drag so I need to fix that. I figure a 12” plate of 16 gauge steel should make a decent surface to support the weight on that roller.

I actually washed the Smart car day before yesterday.  We had a rare 3 days of Off/on rain with reasonable air temperatures so I washed the truck, RV and the Smart in the rain with Simple green.  It goes much faster this way, uses a lot less spigot water to rinse and keeps me cooler while doing the work.

As previously mentioned, our plans for the summer include going to the great Pacific Northwest. To this end I have been building travel scenarios to compare various routes and costs. It is a work in progress but so far, it looks like our best plan is to get to the “banana belt” of the southern Oregon coast, find a place to spend the coming winter and then just explore whatever is within reasonable. 

Next spring we should be in a great jumping off spot to start exploring to BC and Seattle to the Rocky mountains until the following winter.

Meanwhile, I still have a few chores here, so TTFN.

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