Friday, September 2, 2011

Settled into a spot and had a great evening with our relatives.

(St. Augustine, FL Stagecoach RV)

These are nice accommodations at Stagecoach. We settled on this amenities-sparse park due to no monthly rates at the other parks we were interested in. Wi-Fi is very powerful here but the backhaul limits us to about 700kbps down /  200kbps up best case:


Compare that to what I was getting on my Sprint Epic phone 2 days ago:


and it can be a little “laggy” sometimes despite only a 15ms ping time.

Right now, at 8:23am on Friday, I can only get:

Slow Wifi Coupled with the lack of cabletv and the digital TV converter for over the air reception has fallen down behind the TV and can’t get out, means we are going to be sans- media for bit.

Still a nice park, though and all too convenient to two outlet malls at this I-95 exit including a Camping World. There goes my upgrade budget for the next year.

We had dinner with Mer’s brother and SIL, Bob and Bette, last night. Excellent pseudo-Mexican fare with a pitcher of lip smacking margaritas for the table. Best Pollo Loco I have ever had and huge portions, too.  We will eat there again before we go.

It was really super to finally get to hug them and just be with them. As usual when we get together, we all talk at once and do a lot of laughing until we are exhausted.

I will say that it is very nice to finally be with them and know that we don’t have to leave next Thursday or …. any particular date or time. We can visit in a much less frenetic mode and really savor the time together for whatever it is.  It always seems that our visits are too short and we all have lists of things to share and do and never can quite get through all that before parting. This time, we are just here until we leave, period.  It is wonderful!




Anonymous said...

Well hello HELLO....: - ) I am SO thrilled to see that you've finally found yourselves truly FREE and settled in for a while with Bob and Bette....: - )All of our very best wishes for a fantastic reunion and great times together....: - ) Lots of love fro m Donna and Bill....: - )

Jack said...

That is 7 MBPS. Not KBPS. That is very fast for most RV Parks. Very few have that kind of backhaul. Consider yourself lucky..... :)

Budd said...

Got me Jack. Thanks. I had a momentary distration when I was penning the blog and missed the text and other performance pic.

I think I have it straightened out, now. Yes, if I was getting 7 megabits! I would be a perfectly happy camper...(almost).

Interestingly, even with the poor performance benchmarks Netflix works ok. Not HD, of course, but certainly usable with no dropouts in a place with few OTA channels and no Cable.

Maybe that is how they have it tuned to compensate for no cable because the signal strengths all over the park are outstanding.