Saturday, April 30, 2011

Slip-Sliding away….

Back in Raleigh at the moment. Our after school plans have been to take care of a few items in Raleigh and then leave for the rest of the year.


I have some serious maintenance to do on DaKotR, some medical appointments for routine stuff and med supplies for the next year. The “basement” of the house is still pretty full and needs to be emptied before we can put it on the market.  Painting is also necessary and though my son is going to take care of that and the paint is in hand, he has gotten so busy that what was to be done by now will be done… sometime.

M. has a wedding to attend today. We planned to head to the Charleston, WV area mid-week to visit with her good friend on a US visit who now lives in the UK.

It is looking more like the WV trip will be sans RV, though.  There are just too many things washing up on our home beach that need to be dealt with before we set sail for the summer.

The intent was to launch to Colorado from WV but now, the tides of necessity are shifting our Jell-O plans a bit so the WV trip will likely be just a few days and then back here for the rest of our preparations for being gone until next year sometime.

Oops! That was number 3 son on the phone. He is part of the wedding party and got lost on the way to the reception location for photos…. the wedding is not until this afternoon so let’s hope he can find the church from there. 

Actually, I spend a lot of computer time as a dispatcher for family and friends.. .even when I am out of town. “Help Dad. I am lost!”, “Dad, where the hell is Fritzi’s BBQ in Fuquay?”, “How do I get to Iam Lostlane from here?”.  This is an observation, not a complaint. Though I have always raised my kids to be independent and self-sufficient, that can have a backlash after a certain age… You just may never hear from them, again.

Sure, they all have SmartPhones and all know how to use them but a Smart phone does not have a familiar, calming voice that works with you and your situation. It never says “I’m sorry for your ‘lost” condition”.  Dads do that and maybe that need, alone, will keep us connected wherever we are.

But, I digress… These many little items and issues are tightly wedging themselves into our scheduled departure and the visit to WV cannot be rescheduled, thus, that may turn into a side trip from Raleigh instead of a “VIA” on the way to Colorado.

This is life and liberty and it’s all about working around the doctor’s appointments, repairs, tornadoes, weddings and “unfinished” business that we all have trailing behind (or sometimes, ahead) of us like the tail of a comet. We will deal with it as best we can but never let it distract us from our real objectives on the road.



Tumbleweed Dee said...

I know the feeling of getting lost. I do that just coming out of a mall let alone a road that leads ya the wrong direction. I'm so glad you put us on the "to do" list. See you soon.

Budd Nash said...

Ha! Irony strikes, again! While reading your comment, I just got a call from my DIL (#3 son's wife). She is lost trying to get to the same reception location.

She was coming from the wedding.

Bailed out another one. She was close when Google Maps navigation told her to turn left instead of right. She was only a few blocks away from it, too.

All's well, now. Time for some Bo' Jangles dinner while they buffet it at the reception.