Wednesday, April 20, 2011

She works hard for this Honey..

Today Merrily finished the truck driving class and SHE NAILED IT!!!!!!! It took 8 weeks of 10 hour days but she never missed a day of class.

She set several benchmarks.

  • Oldest woman ever to finish the class
  • Only woman of the 6 originals, to actually finish and pass the class. The rest were in their 20s and 30s.
  • Only woman to take all of her final tests right after having survived a direct hit by a tornado! (ok, so maybe this is more of a Guinness book kind of thing… but it is definitely unique.
  • She did excellent on all of the written tests
  • She says, “backing a trailer is a guy thing because none of us girls could back worth a darn!”
  • She passed yesterday’s forward obstacle course, the Coupling/uncoupling and written regulations tests with no errors!
  • She managed to hang in there while 20 of the 43 original students failed the class prior to today.  That, alone, puts her in the top half of the class. 
  • Today was the 100 question final written exam and she only missed 3.
  • Today was also her last road test, which she passed with no problem.
  • She came in exhausted but elated at 1:00 PM and we ate lunch. Afterwards, she read for a bit and then said, “I am going to take a nap…. just because I can.”  … She was always gone to school by 6:40am and was not out of class most days before 6pm.. do the math.. she was never home during “napping” time.
  • I love her immensely and forever. God has blessed me almost more than I can bear.
  • Now the fun begins for real.

For the past 60 years, Merrily has been and always will be the key to my life.

Merrily, I love you, forever.

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