Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tuesday’s Child is full of grace

Yep, that about sums up Merrily. Today was a great day for her. Most of the day was on the practice field and her backing problems have been overwhelmed by her persistence and she did GREAT! 

She came home for lunch and when she called to let me know she was just leaving I could tell from the crystal sparkle in her voice that today was going very well for her.

Things had not changed by dinner time, either.  She was still up and feeling in control again.  This is wonderful for me to watch because having been there, I think that she is actually doing better than I was at this point in the class. I know she does not see it that way but all the evidence says that she is nailing it!

Another beautiful but chilly day. Tomorrow promises some rain but so far, nada, so maybe it won’t be so bad.

She is driving on the road tomorrow, so I am anxious to see if her problems with downshifting have gotten any less, too. She was really frustrated all weekend about her difficulties with downshifting and Skip shifting on a down shift.

The good news is that she will be driving a Volvo but it’s a 10 speed and she feels like a 9 speed is easier for her to handle. maybe this will show her that it was the 10 speed transmissions in the Freightliner trucks that was the problem.

Anyhoo, she is sleeping right now because she will be gone all day tomorrow (7 hours out on the road).


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