Thursday, September 5, 2013

Time for a little moseying music

We are taking a few easy days as we make our way from Sioux Falls, SD to the Custer / Rapid City area, reflecting on what has happened so far and what might yet happen. Blowouts and engine problems tend to make one instinctively duck at just the thought of something unexpected happening. A few two hour driving days help settle us back into a calm confidence so we stayed the night in the Kennebec KOA and tonight will be in the Badlands KOA.

I am not a connoisseur of KOAs but they are a pretty sure thing as decent stays go and always overpriced. This one is fine for overnight but surprisingly, they have a butt load of sandspurs. Poor Katie could hardly take 4 steps without picking them up in her paws.  Merrily finally had to walk her on the other side of the highway. None over there. Who woulda thunk it?

Plans (right now) are to mosey on over to Hart Ranch Southeast of Custer for a couple of days before moving on to Big Pine Campground just west of Custer. A couple of days ago our next door neighbor, Phil, was really adamant about how nice Hart Ranch is. Since we are Coast to Coast members (have not made back our investment, yet) we could stay for $10/night w/FHU.

We had originally planned to stay there but it seemed to be farther from most of the venues than we wanted to be so we changed to the Big Pine Campground.

BTW, this is one of the drawbacks to Coast to Coast: You are limited to a reservations window of 3- 60 days before you want to stay. This plays hob with a spontaneous camping style ie. “Where shall we stay, tonight”. Most C2C parks won’t accept walk-ins by members.

There is a lot to see around the area besides the Mount Rushmore monument so we are planning to see the Crazy Horse Memorial (at least as much as has been finished), Custer State Park, maybe the Rushmore Caves, and  long time friends we have never met, Mike and Pat McFall who live in the area.

More as we progress.



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